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Mizzou vs. Truman State

                                        tiger head 2  69-0 T Bulldogs
Tigers shut out Truman State, look to conference championship against Arkansas

Snow started to fall as Mizzou kicked off to Truman State, but the cold and flurries wouldn’t stop the Tigers’ offensive attack on Saturday. The offense caught fire early, when sophomore 8-man James Glavin crashed the line and broke through to find open space and a try from nearly 40 meters out. Prop Connor Fairfax converted to give them an early 7-0 lead. Mizzou positioned themselves deep in Truman territory just minutes later. A Truman State penalty had the defense on its heels as junior lock Mickey Watson quick-tapped and powered through a defender to score. 12-0 Tigers.

The Mizzou defense held strong during the game, surviving multiple goal-line stands with strong tackling. After gaining possession near the opposing 5 meter line, the Tigers used multiple phases to draw the defense towards the ruck then swung the ball to the backline where inside center Colin Kreager beat a defender with a ball fake and scored. Fairfax was true for his second conversion, giving Mizzou a 19-0 lead. Kreager found space again only 5 minutes later when he broke a massive run from the opposing 22 meter line. He passed to Mickey Watson who was supporting his run, who then dumped the final pass to wing Ty Nash for the long try. Fairfax’s conversion before the half was good to make it 26-0.

Switching ends of the field had no effect on the Tiger offense as J.T. Schlegel started up the offense quickly out of the half. The scrumhalf picked the ball from a ruck and beat a defender from 20 meters out. Add the Fairfax conversion and a penalty kick just a few minutes later to give the Tigers a 36-0 lead. Shane Glascott, playing flyhalf rather than his usual fullback position, broke loose later for a very long try to put the score at 43-0 after the conversion.

After multiple Truman penalties, Mizzou set up a lineout on the Truman State 5-meter line. Glascott received the ball from the lineout and dished to sophomore flanker Adam Cooley who broke a tackle and scored. Fairfax’s conversion put the count at 50-0. Near the final whistle, with a ruck set inches from Truman’s goal line, James Glavin picked from the ruck and dove forward for his second score. 57-0 Tigers. The Tigers received the ensuing kickoff, set up a ruck and passed to Glavin once again. He broke multiple tackles on the way to a score of over 50 meters as time expired. Sean Gonzalez converted his first of the year to make the final score 64-0. An additional try by J.T. Schlegel put the Tigers at 69.

The Tigers look forward to April 9th against Arkansas in Columbia. That match will determine the Heart of America conference champion and offer an automatic bid to the National Tournament.

Mizzou vs. Nebraska

                                            tiger head 2 41- 12 2000px-Nebraska_Cornhuskers_logo.svg
Mizzou takes care of business against Nebraska in Lincoln, Glascott leads the way with a hat-trick.

The Nebraska Cornhuskers, a newcomer to the Heart of America this year, hosted Mizzou last Saturday in the first matchup between the teams in over 5 years. A rainy day stifled the offenses a bit, but the Tigers still managed to put up 41 points as opposed to Nebraska’s 12.

The hard rainfall during the first half of the game caused a significant portion of the offensive phases to include forward play. Mizzou scrumhalf J.T. Schlegel directed the forward’s offensive game plan as he dished the ball out of the rucks to crashing forwards. Nebraska’s forwards, on the other hand, picked the ball directly from the rucks and powered ahead for 4 and 5 meters at a time. After the Tiger forwards sucked in the Nebraska defense, the backline swung the ball out to wing Kellen Shockley, who made a break and quickly offloaded to Shane Glascott. Glascott used his speed to beat the final defender down the sideline from 20 meters out, giving the Tigers a 5-0 lead.

After receiving the ball back, the Mizzou offense drove their half of the field to position themselves 5 meters out from the try line. Off a penalty, Junior forwards captain Mickey Watson took a pass from Schlegel and powered between two defenders across the try line. Gareth Jones missed his first two conversions, giving the Tigers a 10-0 lead.

Near the end of the half, Glascott broke through the back line for a long try, his second of the game. Jones converted to take a 17-0 lead. Nebraska’s forward pack, which was much larger than Mizzou’s, powered the ball down the field, one phase after another, to put Nebraska on the board before the half, still trailing 17-5. The second half began with Mizzou quickly positioning themselves deep in Nebraska’s end. They swung the ball into the backline where senior inside center Colin Kreager ran through the tackle of Nebraska defender to finish the try. After the Jones conversion, the Tigers led 24-5.

Another penalty play deep in Nebraska’s territory led to a try by senior prop Connor Fairfax and Glascott finished his hat-trick later on with a fake pass to the outside and beating a defender from 10 meters out. Near the end of the game, sophomore flanker Adam Cooley took a ball from Schlegel on the weak side of the ruck and scored the try from 25 meters out. Nebraska got on the board once more before the final whistle, making the final score 41-12 Mizzou.

The Tigers now are 5-0 in the Heart of America and trail Arkansas (also 5-0) by a bonus point. Mizzou has a third consecutive road game as they travel to Truman State next Saturday, March 19th. Then its back home to face Arkansas, likely for the Heart of America Conference championship.

Mizzou vs. Kansas

                                            tiger head 2  31-21  ku
Seniors lead the Tigers to outlast Jayhawks, take Heart of America record to 4-0.

There’s a lot to be said for a leader who motivates his team with words. However, there’s something about a leader who’s primary inspiration to his teammates comes from his play on the field that gets people fired up. In the biggest game of the season thus far, senior prop Connor Fairfax delivered a strong performance with two trys and multiple big hits, while senior fullback Shane Glascott cemented the Tigers’ win with a 70 meter try as time expired.

The Tigers offense started the game strong as they capitalized on Kansas penalties to drive the ball into opposing territory. Keeping possession and recycling the ball through many phases, Mizzou set themselves up 5 meters out from the goal line. After a few phases of getting stuffed at the goal line, Fairfax powered through the Kansas defense for the try giving Mizzou an early 5-0 lead.

After receiving the kickoff, the Tigers forwards moved the ball for a few phases before swinging it to the back line. Glascott broke the line with a dummy pass and passed to Ty Nash who beat the final defender down the sideline from 20 meters out. Gareth Jones hit the conversion to give the Tigers a 12-0 lead. The Tigers offense remained strong as James Glavin received the ball at midfield, stepped a defender breaking the line, and taking the ball 50 meters for another Mizzou try. Jones knocked through another conversion to put the Tigers up 19-0.

Kansas finally started to mount some offensive attack as they drove the ball deep into Tiger territory and scored twice in the final 10 minutes of the half, making the score 19-14. The two teams battled back and forth for the first few minutes of the half before Mizzou established ground in Kansas’s end. Tigers’ flyhalf Gareth Jones received the ball off a lineout and attacked the defense. Jones dished the ball to his outside to Farifax who ran through a tackle and finished with an emphatic try and celebration. Tigers led 24-14.

With under 10 minutes remaining, Kansas added another try and conversion to tighten the game to 24-21. After winning the ball back, Mizzou ran several pick-and-go’s and secured possession in their own end with solid rucking and ball placement. The ball was then swung into the backline out to Glascott. Using a ball fake, he broke through the defensive line down the sideline. Glascott outran the defender on his heels and then crossed fields to beat the final defender, scoring an incredible 70 meter try. Jones kicked the final conversion at the final whistle. 31-21 Tigers. Glascott pumped his fist repeatedly in celebration of the huge win.

Mizzou travels to Lincoln, Nebraska to take on the Cornhuskers next Saturday with an undefeated Heart of America record on the line.